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When you hire a home inspector you are hiring a professional service that will will inspect what is potentially your largest financial investment.  The cost and the quality of work will vary greatly depending on the professional's experience.

No two homes are alike and no two inspections will be identical.  At Tidewater Home Inspections we use a fair pricing system depending on the type of home (single-family, multi-family, condo, townhome, ect...), square feet of inspected area, type of construction (slab or pier and beam), age of home, and number of structures.  

To get a customized quote for your home inspection give us a call or use the "Schedule An Appointment" link and leave us a message.

Phone calls will receive an immediate quote and messages left through the website will receive a quote within 1 hour during business hours or by 7:00am the next day if you contact us after business hours.     

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